We will not administer medicine to any child unless the child has a health condition that makes it absolutely necessary. The parent/guardian must provide a physician’s authorization in order for us to dispense the medicine.

Exception: Extended Day Children

When the child is in our program for more than four hours a day, we will dispense medicine. The authorization form shall include times and dates to be administered, dosage, storage instructions and specific directions for administering the medication/medical procedure, such as give by mouth, apply to skin, inhale, drop in eyes etc…An authorization form shall be valid no more than seven days unless accompanied by a written physician’s statement. If you need a form please get one from the office.

Any prescription drug or over-the-counter drug sent to the center shall be in its original container. Prescription drugs shall have a pharmacy label or shall be accompanied by a physician’s written instructions. Over the counter drugs shall be clearly labeled with the child’s name and directions for administering the drug. A measuring device (if the medication requires measuring) shall be provided for each child’s medication and it must be labeled with your child’s name on it.

Locked storage (lock and key or combination lock), inaccessible to children, shall be provided for all medication or drugs. Medicines shall be returned to the parent(s)/guardian(s) or disposed of properly when no longer needed. Refrigerated medications shall be placed in a container with a lid and the container must be locked. Time and date of all medication dosages or medical procedures administered at center shall be documented, in writing, signed by the staff person administering the medication or medical procedure (initials not acceptable) and kept in the child’s file. Copies shall be made available to the parent(s)/guardian(s) upon request.